Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gay marriage deemed not a universal right

The European Court of Human Rights rejected a bid by an Austrian couple to force the state to let them wed and has further ruled that European nations are not required to allow gay marriage.

Horst Michael Schalk and Johann Franz Kopf brought the case up saying that the country's policy against gay marriage was a violation of their human rights. The Court ruled unanimously that gay marriage rights are not such a violation. The judges commented that while “an emerging European consensus towards legal recognition of same-sex couples,” the form of said legal recognition is still left to the discretion of individual states.

Austria does legally recognize homosexual partnerships, but apparently there are differences between them and heterosexual marriages. To put it bluntly if there are any differences then its not right and it most certainly is a violation of human rights.

Its rulings like this that plainly tell homosexuals that they are not welcome because of one part of their identity. We can't just pick and choose what parts of people we accept and expect them to just allow the other parts to be ignored, ruled against, and discriminated against.


Adrianna said...

If they're going to recognize domestic partnerships for gays and straights, why not marriage? I don't get what the so-called "difference" is. One thing about the right I never understood.

BTW, the Jesus I believe in wouldn't give a fig. He'd even attend the ceremony himself.

Danny said...

Adrianna I think the "difference" is a hold out that gives people enough wiggle room to say that what they have is what a marriage really is. A bit of a security blanket. People like that for some reason can't stand the idea of gays being on equal footing with straights. As if homosexuals are gonna mess up marriage anymore than it already it.