Thursday, June 10, 2010

Echoes from the Computer Room: Jerks you say?

You know know why IT staffers appear to be inconsiderate jerks? Because of the stuff they have to put up with from end users.

In my time of surfing around the net and through my own actual experience there are a lot of people that think IT staff are a bunch of holier then thou greater than thee jerks. Let me tell you, end users (the people we help) aren't perfect angels in this seemingly eternal grudge match.

Now let me establish a difference here. There is a big difference between someone simply not knowing something or not having the authority to do something. Those are things that can't be helped. Let's take Microsoft Word for example. On one hand if you need it installed on your pc of course you're going to call us and have it installed for you. On the other hand when you have it installed and then you turn around and call me asking how to spell a word (and yes I have seriously had people call my Help Desk asking how to spell words, with MS Word and its spell check at their fingertips) of course I'm not going to take kindly to it. Or how about passwords. The phone banking setup at my bank allows customers to call in and check their account balances and transfer funds. The PIN for this system is a four digit number. Okay I understand that every once in a while anyone can forget their PIN but if you need to call in and have it unlocked and reset once a week I start to wonder.

But my personal favorites are the ones that think they are the center of the universe and if I'm not helping them right that instant then that MUST me I'm doing absolutely nothing and should devote all of my attention to them. That's a numerical impossibility. In my own company there are over 300 employees. Guess how many IT staff we have. Six but mind you 1 of those six has been out with serious health issues for the last 2 months (and projected to be out for the next 3), another of those six is actually a night time data processor meaning she only works nights, and one is actually assigned to work on projects (mainly working on introducing new software) meaning he is not around on a regular daily basis. So its actually 300 to 3.

That means I'm fighting 100 to 1 odds here.

Now while the numbers may not be the same in all IT staffs that ration is only going to close so much because when it comes to spending money and earning money IT departments probably spend more than any other department and make none. But remember all that money we're spending is being spent on for other departments.

This rant isn't meant to just let all you IT staffers off the hook but next time before you go into a profanity ridden tirade against them think about their situation for a bit. Think about their day. And realize that you aren't the only one that may be wanting to unleash a profanity ridden tirade.


Sonja said...

Ah, the joys. Just makes me glad I'm not on helpdesks any more. I always loved the people who knew they weren't good, followed instructions and were polite.

Danny said...

Oh I love those people too Sonja. I just wish there were more of them.