Monday, June 14, 2010

All is good on the eastern front....I think

Okay after playing around, blowing things up, fixing things, blowing them up again, and so on I think I finally have the blog up and running properly. I like the new layout options but they seem to actually cause the page to load more slowly (nod to any dial up users, drop a line if you're having problems accessing the site).

Everything seems to be fine. I've tested by looking at the site while not logged into Blogger (meaning I see it just as you, average Joe/Jane user would see it) and it looks okay.

However I don't pretend to be perfect so if you notice something I missed drop a comment or send me a line at sanguine - dream - at - gmail - dot - com.


Tamen said...

Just wanted to say that the stars in your background image makes the text unnecessary hard to read.

Danny said...

I had noticed that but the MySpace tweener in me was hoping it wouldn't make that big a deal. I just put up a black background, let me know if it helps or if its still off.

Thanks for the feedback.

Tamen said...

It helps a lot when it comes to readability. And I guess that's what matters most. Myspace pages are in my view for the most part abominations which makes my eyes hurt :)

Danny said...

Happy to oblige. I totally agree with you on the MySpace thing. Before it fell out of popularity people were getting way out of hand with those designs. I recall coming across pages that I literally could not read.

Thanks for the feedback. Don't be scared to poke around the site and let know if there's anything else that might need adjusting. The information is much more important than the look.