Wednesday, June 30, 2010

About Chirs Brown at the BET Awards the other night....

Well since everyone else is throwing in their two cents I may as well do the same.

Look the record will show throughout history and the world that Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna, he plead guilty for it, and was punished for it.

However there seems to be a bit of hang up on how to move on. On one hand it seems that Chris Brown is trying to get on with his life while on the other it seems that people have decided to pause time and use his assault on Rihanna to pass final and absolute judgement on him forever more.

Yes he attacked her, yes he should be punished, and yes he needs whatever it will take to help him not do it again. I just don't think constantly bringing it up every time his name comes up for the rest of his life is going to have the affect some think it is (I can totally see it when he passes away people writing whole series of posts about why everything else, good and bad, should be erased and demand that all conversation center around this one event). Sure they may think they are "calling him out" and whatnot but really what they are doing is trying to present that one event as his entire life and then looking for thank yous and high fives afterward.

So while I don't support the idea of just "getting over it" I also don't support the idea that this is the beginning, middle, end, and afterlife of Brown.

And speaking of trying to ignore the people that are coming down on him I have to love this comment from Feministing:
Maybe it's dumb, but for kicks I searched facebook to see how many anti-Chris Brown groups they have. I found none. I did, however, find a lot of groups joking about how Rihanna got beaten. HAHA domestic violence is oh so funny, huh?
I wonder what they searched for because when I looked I got these. So I don't know what kind of selective denial that person is trying to play but there are groups and pages out there that hate Chris Brown just like there are groups and pages out there that support him.