Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of an Old Skool era?

Remember back in the day when you would come across a cassette tape of music you were really feeling and you got a blank tape of your own and copied it? Yeah. Toss it in your Walkman and go walking or lay it in the boombox and go cruising with it. Hell for a lot of us copying a cassette tape like that was our first act of piracy. Fond memories (and a tell on our age). Well despite the days of the cassette tape being long in this age of digital music and compact discs (which you regards to music you can argue its days are numbered) it would seem that the final nail in its coffin is coming.

According to tech blog Gizmodo, Sony is preparing to release it final cassette playing boombox. As you may know Sony with its Walkman portable cassette player was one of the leaders when it came to this old media.

I'm reminded of one particularly odd instance of copying some music to cassette (this was back with CD burners and blank CDs were still mad expensive). It was odd because instead of trying to copy another tape or CD I was actually trying to record some music from a video....from the video game itself. Wild I tell you. I hooked my Playstation up so that the audio output was feeding into my cassette deck where I captured the sound as it played. Oh and I did this with no TV. So aggravating back then but it is a fond memory now.

As you can see that boombox is pretty spiffy and will probably fetch a high end price so more than likely I will never own one. But I'm sure there will be plenty of ***RARE!!!!*** cassette players popping up on ebay.


womanistmusings said...

Funny, the unhusband and I were just chatting about old technology. We came across a box of floppy disks..If I were to show either the floppies or a tape to my kids they wouldn't even know what they are.

Danny said...

Oh how old we are. I can so see a commercial with some kids breakdancing around an iPod now....