Monday, May 17, 2010

Being a guy and being a virgin

If you're a guy (or grew up as a guy at least) then more than likely you went through the feelings of wanting to have sex as soon and as often as possible. Why is that?

Well simply put while The System is pressing the idea that a female*'s virginity is precious treasure that she must protect at any and all costs (and to lose it, even without her consent, is a terrible thing on HER part) it is also pressing the idea that a male*'s is a curse that must be dispelled as quickly as possible by having sex with a female (and to not lose it, even he doesn't want to, is a terrible thing on HIS part). Pretty fucked up on both sides right? I wanna take a moment to do what a lot of people seem to not want to do. Let's talk about a male's virginity for a bit.

You ever notice how guys are pressured to have sex as soon and as often as possible? I mean goodness its like having an active sex life was integral part of being a man or something. Oh don't worry its not. I've managed to be a man for the last 10 or 11 years or so and I've been able to do it just fine without getting into that whole sexually active thing.

Hear me out hear me out. Now I'm sure that a lot of you folks may want ask me what kind of man am I to have never had sex (and nearly 30 at that) and to that I only say I'm a man that's never had sex (despite Facebook's constant bombardment of ads telling me about all the hot single women out there).

Okay now that you've gotten up off the floor let's continue. I think its a big problem that things have gotten to the point where it seems like a guy's top priority is to have sex as soon as possible (and this mentality may lend a hand to why people seem to not react to woman/boy rape as harshly as man/girl rape). As I said being a man is not dependent on my sex life. Truthfully in these changing times of gender roles its hard to pin down what is man and what is woman one of the last things we need is for a single thing to become a central part of the identity of either and that is what has happened to men and our sexuality.

I will have to ponder on this some more.

* - I use this to save the trouble of constantly typing girl/woman and boy/man. That's all so don't bother trying to tell me what I mean by it.