Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When men die their gender doesn't matter

I was reading this post over at Men's Health today.

Using the recent West Virgina mine explosion that took the lives of 25 miners as a reference point Peter Moore questions why it seems media sources seem to be scared of reporting the number of men who are hurt/killed in a horrible event.

On any given day one can usually find several articles that will report events in which "many of those injured/killed were women and children" or just simply only reporting the number of women and/or children that were killed/injured. Most of the time we are left to our own math skills to figure out the number of men that are injured/killed in such happenings.

While its good to exercise one's brain I don't think I like that very much.

Pelle mentioned a while back about men being the (I'm thinking about adding a "supposed" in front of it) norm of society. I guess considering that media sources seem reluctant to mention the number of injured/killed men when disaster strikes I guess there may be something to it.

But let me get down from my soap box and just say that I hope those 25 hard working souls rest in peace and wish their families the best.