Monday, April 26, 2010

A weird situation...

For those of you who don't know comedian/actor Steve Harvey has a daily morning show and on this show he has an advice section called "Strawberry Letters". One of the letters that was brought up on the air today rang kind of odd to me:
This my second time writing you Steve. I really hope you can get to me. Here is my problem. My uncle and his wife has been staying with me for a couple of months now. He has raised me since i was a little boy.. Im 29 now. As my uncle has been out looking for work his wife has been looking for work also, but in a different way. We slept together acouple of times. She stressed to me that she needed money so i started pimping her to a few buddies but now shes really on the track.. Now shes telling me that the money is so good that she doesnt want to stop.. My uncle has now clue. Should i keep this between her and i or should i let my uncle know. I mean, i kinda feel bad knowing that hes out all day grinding for them to get back on their feel. Help me out bro (link I know its full of errors but that is a direct copy/paste from the site.)
Okay obviously there is something really messed up on here. First off you have a man having sex with not just his aunt but the wife of the man that raised him, so depending on how long this woman has been married to his uncle this woman could probably be the closest thing he has to a mother(but that's speculation). Now no matter what your view on this type of incest (as in both people here are grown adults rather than the usual adult/child incest) there is still the problem of this man sleeping with another man's wife. Not only that but he is doing it while this other man (his uncle) is out trying to make some sort of living after being hit by the current hard economic times.

But what I really want to get down to is the pimping thing. At first I wanted to get mad but then I stopped. This isn't a young niece we're talking about here so I think it would be premature and almost unfair to jump straight to the conclusion that he forced her into it. From the sounds of things (and it is possible that the letter writer is lying or withholding information) this aunt of his is actively enjoying the sex work.

When I first read the part about her doing sex work I instantly went to the worst place possible and just presumed that she was not doing it of her own free will. I'm not so sure think its right to think that way. Like I say that writer nay not be telling the whole story and he could very well be forcing her to do this against her will. However at the same time its worth noting that this woman is an adult and may be perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

Who's to say that he didn't show her something and she chose to participate on her own? A lot of sex work is done by force but I don't like how its gotten to the point where when someone mentions sex work the first place their mind goes to is an under aged kid that was taken off the streets and sold into prostitution. That's not how it all goes down.

For the most part I'm still getting over that presumption for the most part but every once in a while when prostitution/sex work come up my mind still goes straight for the bad place. But thankfully there are folks out there that are more than happy to show the difference.