Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 5

Just wanted to share some things I didn't make entire posts out of this week.

Toy Soldier takes a few minutes to talk about a Dave Chappelle bit on male rape victims. Its a short post but I think its worth checking out. All too often male rape victims are expected to either just "man up" and not talk about being raped or are told by society that since he is male he must have really wanted it.

Monique's brother apologizes for abusing her when they were children. Of course its totally up to Monique to forgive him or not but on a smaller note I noticed that he talks about how he himself was abused. This just reignites my thought that if people are really serious about ending abuse then it has to be stopped at the root.

Womanist Musings turned two years old a few days ago.

Pelle Billing shares his thoughts on the misrepresentation/misuse of the word patriarchy.

A quick reminder and What does feminism mean for you?: A small exchange over what feminism' meaning is. The comments get a bit ugly. (While I'm still reading the parts I've read so far remind me why I don't bother with the damn word.)

Sexual Apartheid and a Place to Park: Paul Elam talks about how some places in South Korea and China have begun to offer woman only parking.

Quite the jumble I know.