Thursday, April 8, 2010

So Tiger does one woman wrong and suddenly he owes all of them?

Talk about getting it wrong. David Brooks and Gail Collins of the NY Times have apparently decided that Tiger Woods owes something to women and should therefore refuse to play his first tournament in his planned comeback from the fallout of his numerous extramarital affairs at the Augusta National Gold Club.

You see this club has a long history of denying women members. I've always been a bit on the fence about gender based exclusion in clubs (while they can be sexist there seems to be the attitude that men's only stuff is always sexists and exclusionary while women's only stuff is never sexist and exclusionary) but that's a talk for another day.

What I want to know is exactly does Tiger Woods cheating on his wife translate into him owing her entire gender anything? Many people have tried to spin what he did into how he owes everyone from sports fans to women everywhere. No.

Unless someone can prove that the women he was with did not know that he was married (and we are talking a famous athlete/celebrity here) the only people he owes anything to is the wife he took vows with and the children from their marriage.

And Brooks and Collins really don't do themselves a favor by trying to insult his taste in women either.
When you’re trying to get back on your feet after a monster scandal about your bad choice in women, Augusta isn’t the best place to start.

Bad choice in women? I thought the problem was the very fact that he cheated on his wife, not who he cheated with. This sounds like they are saying that if only Tiger had chosen someone better to mess around with it would be okay. I mean if Tiger decided that these women were worth violated the vows he took with his wife he obviously found something he liked in them. Who he chose to cheat with is of no concern here, its the fact that he did it.

Its one thing to call attention to practices that one thinks are bad but its quite another to misappropriate someone's bad behavior into them owing an entire gender some debt.