Monday, April 26, 2010

It's not real...

Yeah you know how the code of chivalry harms men with unfair and unrealistic expectations?

Not real.

Know how society simultaneously tells men they need to do more to be in their children's lives while at the same time going to the greatest of lengths to keep them out?


Familiar with the say that male rape victims are silenced and have an even harder time being acknowledged as rape victims than women?


While I'm fully aware that all feminists don't act that way (in fact the arrogant ignorance of this particular one does a disservice to the good done by the reasonable members of that movement) this is a shining example of exactly why I refuse to have anything more to do with them than the odd blog comment. Funny thing I've seen people try to tell feminists that the things that harm women are not real. So by that logic you would think that they would at least have the common courtesy to no do the same to others.

"Do unto others...." and all that I suppose.

Okay I'm cooling off. It pays to have one's own space to rant about ignorant and silly people.


Sonja said...

That's disgusting, offensive... Almost unreal. I can't understand it.

Danny said...

I know right?