Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's been so rough but I press on

So if you recall I started reading the first Twilight novel around New Year's. Well now that it's been several months I have to say that I'm having a hard time getting into it.

Don't get me wrong I am a fan of supernatural fiction. Vampires, dieties fighting it out, magic, etc... However there is one thing I just can't stand about this book. There is too much damn high school drama in it.

I know you need some sort of main story but I just can't stand this constant, "Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. One of them is dangerous but goes against his/her better judgement and tries to have a "normal" relationship while the other knows that the person they like is dangerous but goes against his/her better judgement and tries to have a "normal" relationship. Third party comes in and endangers their relationship and possibly their lives." stuff.

Now this is a common setup for lots of fiction but for some reason it grates my nerves to see this with teenager characters. Perhaps its because I'm no longer a teenager and don't identify with it. Oh and it also doesn't help that the target group for Twilight is young girls. Don't get me wrong Edward seems attractive (although the actor that plays him in the movies isn't hitting on much) I am just not for all the teen drama. Hell even when I was a teen I wasn't in for the teen drama.

But neverminding that I will try and try to get through at least this book anyway. Well as long as my niece let's me hold onto them.


womanistmusings said...

Wow good thing your borrowed them from you niece if they were my collection, I would have had to snag them back from you already. I think that if you just look at Twilight as the fluff that it is, it is an easy harmless read. Of course the author uses easy plot devices, it's not high literature after all. I say for just a mental break twilight works.

Danny said...

You are more than welcome to your opinion from here to eternity but the fluff is what I can't stand. Like I say I'm just chalking it up to not being the target audience.