Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dammit not again

I didn't like the fact that Kingpin in the Daredevil movie was played by a black guy.

I don't like that fact that despite Avatar: The Last Airbender borrows heavily from Asian cultures the upcoming movie is whitewashed.

I don't like that the lead role in The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie is being played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Yes Jake Gyllenhaal is playing a Persian prince.

Well it would seem that the next disappointment in my purism* has arrived.

It would seem that Amanda Waller, in short she is a badass government agent who will step to even Batman, has been cast to appear in the Green Lantern movie and possibly future DC comic related movies (possible setup for a Justice League movie). Problem is they have cast Angela Bassett for the part. Nothing wrong with Angela Bassett (I still say she should have been Storm in the XMen movies, Halle Berry was too young) but given that Amanda Waller is a fat black woman there are plenty of women that could have fit the part a lot better. I would put my vote in for CCH Pounder, currently playing a role on the SyFy series Wherehouse 13 and voiced the role of Amanda Waller for the Justice League cartoons a few years ago (and I highly doubt that was a coincidence).

Come on folks there are plenty of people in this world of different shapes, sizes, nationalities, genders, sexualities, etc... so there should be no trouble finding people to take on the big screen roles of existing characters.

* - By purist I mean remaining faithful to the original material. If the established character is a Chinese guy then find a Chinese guy. If its a Latino then get a Latino. And don't think I'm trying to be pro-white guy here. What I'm saying is rather than casting Batman with an African woman why not create a new character that is an African woman and get something new going. The answer isn't trying to recast existing characters outside their original image but rather to expand the market with a more diverse line of characters.


chava said...

Jake Gyllenhaal??? Srsly? But there are soooo many far more attractive Iranian dudes out there. Wtf, man. Excuse me while I go weep. (my godfather is an Iranian actor, he's going to have kittens)

Danny said...

I know right. I think this is a case of thinking that they had to have established names in order for this to work.

And one more. Why is Samuel L. Jackson playing the role of Col. Nick Fury? Yes he is a bad mutha fucka but he IS NOT WHITE.

Paul said...


Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury... eh. I think it's because it's based off the Ultimate version of Nick Fury. Although why they changed the character's ethnicity in the first place is beyond me... but whatever.

But in general, yeah this sort of thing bugs me. It's especially bad when it comes to Native American characters, where anybody with a tan and dark hair can play their roles. Come on.

I remember back when they were picking the new Bond, I was reading a thread on IMDB where people were throwing out suggestions, and one person suggested choosing a latino actor... not even a specific actor, just somebody latino. >.< oy.

Danny said...

Ah. I didn't know that Ultimate Nick Fury was black. But even still I don't like changes like that.

Speaking of Native characters I notice that they are often portrayed by anyone with a tan and dark hair as you say. Hell even Native American cartoon characters do fare well, look at the Forge character on the "Wolverine and The XMen" show.

And Bond. Oh man I remember during those times when people were seriously trying to push for Sharon Stone to be "Jane Bond". Look I have no problem with women being secret agents. I wouldn't even mind if someone actually tried to start some new Bond-like character starring a woman. But Bond's Y chromosome to an X is not equality, that's appropriation.

Toysoldier said...

Ultimate Nick Fury is not just black. He is actually Sam Jackson. That is how Brian Hitch drew him.

Danny said...


I would picture him more like Kurt Russell or maybe Jeff Bridges.

Paul said...

Jane Bond?? Oh man, I'm glad I never saw that, I might've chewed through my monitor in frustration. Why not just make a movie of Perfect Dark? It'd be about the same thing (as I recall anyway, I haven't played that game in about a decade)

elementary_watson said...

Jeff Bridges`? That's like, um, your opinion, man.

Not that I ever read a comic with Nick Fury, no matter how ultimate, but that was an answer that had to be made.

Btw: Is there any chance for visitors to be able to see oncer which articles of yours are commented? Would be very welcome.

Danny said...

Yeah I was thinking about how rugged he looked in "Men Who Stare at Goats".

Btw: Is there any chance for visitors to be able to see oncer which articles of yours are commented? Would be very welcome.

Not sure what that word I bolded is supposed to be and therefore I'm not sure what you're asking.

chava said...

He means that when you look at your blog, all the posts are listed as having zero comments. You have to click on "comments" to see if a post has any comments yet.

Danny said...

Oh yeah that was a side effect of changing the layout on my blog about a month ago. I first mentioned it here:

elementary_watson said...

Oncer = once again. Temporary brain malfunction, and I'm glad chava was there to interpret my weird typings correctly. I totally understand if having a working counter for comments has a low priority for you; well, playing "guess the article which was commented on since last I looked" can be pretty fun, too :-)

Danny said...

Ah. Actually thanks to you and chava for pointing this one out. A while back when I was working on the layout I thought the only that had happened was that the counters were reset and would resume working normally when people posted comments. I've been a little displeased with this comment system but I've been trying to hold out until I could afford domain hosting and then workout commenting from there.

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