Friday, April 23, 2010

Another waste of money

Robert Franklin speaks about a Pittsburg police sergeant that was suspended then fired after being arrested of hitting his girlfriend Lauren Maughan.

Back in December of last year the sergeant was arrested for hitting his girlfriend during an argument over Maughan being 25 minutes late in picking up their son.

Talk about swift justice*. He was suspended and later fired yet it wasn't until this week when a judge acquitted him of the charges. It seems that not only was he not the aggressor but according to an eye witness he actually injured her in self defense after she started attacking him.

Now can someone tell me why despite being acquitted and having an eye witness that proves Lauren's accusations false the mayor of Pittsburg refuses to rehire him? Spokeswoman Diane Richard has said that he was not fired over the crime that he was charged with. Yet Police Chief Nate Harper stands by the decision to fire him for violating the anti-domestic violence policy. So either someone is talking in circles or there is some other DV related charge he was fired over. Well being nice and going with the idea that he was indeed fired over some other charges that resulted in him violating the anti-DV policy I ask why was he not fired until this incident came up (perhaps they have a two strikes rule)?

This is what people are talking about when they say a false accusation can ruin someone's life and do lots of damage. Even if he gets his job back who in the law enforcement community is going to trust him after being labeled a woman beater? What kind of damage will this do to the relationship he has with his son? On one hand I would like to say that I hope he sues the hell out of the police department, the mayor, the police chief, and the city (yeah I hold grudges like that) for so much money that his great-grandkids would be born with prepaid college educations. But on the other giving him all that money will never truly repair the damage done to him. Yes he will be able to make a good living but that stack of cash won't erase the odd accusatory looks, assumptions of guilt, and unfair treatment he may face. And besides by suing the city it would basically ensure that the citizens of Pittsburg would end up footing the bill for the misandrist behavior of its mayor and police force.

* - Apparently if he does get rehired and receives back pay it would go back 14 weeks. Okay that means he was suspended then fired only a few weeks after being arrested meaning it was long before being acquitted this week. I can understand the suspension but fired before any type of trial takes place? Innocent until proven guilty and all that....


Apers said...

That's outrageous. Any update?

Danny said...

The most recent I found was this:

It seems that a domestic abuse policy has been adopted for the city of Pittsburg. While I'm glad there is a policy in place to help victims:
The policy stems from the January firing of police Sgt. Eugene Hlavac after he was charged with hitting the mother of his child. An Allegheny County judge last month acquitted Hlavac of assault. Ravenstahl said he won't rehire Hlavac unless an independent arbitrator forces him to do so. No date for an arbitration hearing has been set.

Damn shame this built on the ashes of a man that has his relationship with his child, career, and who know what else ruined by what was pretty much a false accusation.