Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekly Menu March 1 Extra Stage!!!

What does one do when you have the ingredients for a homemade BBQ sauce but does not want to go through the trouble of having to actually make BBQ sauce for only two hamburgers?

The Laziest BBQ Sauce Ever
Crushed Red Pepper

Okay I have to say that the inspiration for this came to me yesterday at lunch when I was cooking some burgers at work and mistakenly poured some Cinnamon/Sugar on one of them instead of Crushed Red Pepper (their containers look a lot a like and I was not actually looking when I reached for it). I was able to drown it out with sauce so it wasn't too bad. Well later that night I was cooking burgers for dinner (yes I like hamburgers that much) and had no sauce to put on them. Well thinking about the Cinnamon/Sugar mistake from earlier I thought why not just individually stack the ingredients for it directly on the burgers. That's just what I did and it melded together well enough that even though it didn't look like BBQ sauce it sure as hell tasted like one.



Jim said...

Cinnamon and meat is a classic combination in cantonese cooking, and apparently cinnamon happens to help controlling triglycerides. Also somoeone pointed out to me that all god barbecue sauces have suger to add caramleization to accompany the maillard reaction that happens to the surfaceof meat exposded to direct heat, ketchup is loaded with sugar - or, I see the honety thee already.

Danny said...

Ah the science behind adding sugar to meat. Some Alton Brown type shit going on.