Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekly Menu March 7 Extra Stage!!!

If you recall last week I whipped up a simple on the spot BBQ sauce on the fly for two burgers I had cooked. Well this passed Sunday I actually made another but this it was with more purpose than a mere two burgers.

BBQ Chicken Crockpot Style!!!

I apologize in advance because I honestly didn't use any measurements for this sauce (in fact I never use exact measurements I just add stuff until I have enough quantity and it tastes right.)

First go ahead and turn on your crockpot to its lowest setting and add the following until you have the desired taste (I was going for sweet and spicy).

Ground Ginger
Garlic Powder
Five Spice
Chili Powder
Brown Sugar
Vinegar (I really don't use a lot in fact I mainly only use this to clean out the last of a mustard or ketchup bottle. But if it doesn't come to that you don't need more than a few tablespoons.)
Crushed Red Pepper
Chili Sauce (This was something my dad bought in the Asian Food aisle at WalMart. It came in a clear plastic bottle with a green twist top for squeezing.)

Once you have all that mixed in clean (and skin if you want) your chicken. I used 8 short thighs in this particular go around. Simply layer the chicken into the crockpot making sure to spoon sauce on top of it. Put the lid on and let it be for about 5 hours.

Funny thing is while I was making this I tasted it and thought I had the desired mix of sweet and spicy but after it finished the sweet kinda took over but don't let that fool you because somehow the spicy of this sauce has a delayed reaction.

Eat up!


womanistmusings said...

That actually sounds quite good...I would show this post to the unhusband but the last thing that man needs is encouragement to experiment in the kitchen.

Danny said...

Oh come on what's the worst that could happen?