Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Menu March 14 Extra Stage!!!

I actually did this yesterday before the Spicy Chicken Salad but was just too tired to post it.

At some point I decided that I wanted to try my hand at Baked Beans. Well rather than just use some precooked canned beans I decided I wanted to start with dry beans and make my own fresh baked a crock pot.

BBQ Beans

1 1lbs bag of Red Kidney Beans

About 5 beef franks (I decided that I wanted to used franks instead of bacon which turned out to foretell the true nature of the end result.)

Remember the sauce I made for BBQ Chicken Crockpot Style? We're using that here for the sauce.

Like with anything in a crockpot this takes time so wouldn't start cooking at noon thinking it'll be ready by lunch (starting at noon it will barely be ready for dinner). Rinse off your beans and place then in the crockpot. Now the tricky part is that you want enough water to keep the beans from burning but at the same time we are trying for the consistency of baked beans so we can't have too much water (remember we're cooking in a crockpot so there won't be much water lost). I would say fill the crockpot with water until it gets about 1 inch above the beans at the bottom. Turn the pot up on its highest setting and let it go for about 2-3 hours or until the beans feel like they are nearly done.

During that 2-3 hour wait go ahead and mix up that sauce then chop up the franks, add them to the sauce then leave to the side until the beans are nearly done. Once they are about done take out as much of the water as you can but SAVE IT. This is a crucial step and its actually better if you accidentally take out too much than not enough. Stir in the sauce and franks. At this point you have to decide if you want to add some of the water back or not and if so how much. The beans are nearly done so they only need to cook a little bit longer so you may not need much. Too little water and you'll probably get it right. Too much water and you end up with...

Beanie Weenies. Which is just what happened to me. I didn't take enough water out so when I mixed in the sauce and franks the sauce was diluted and I ended up with a mixture that was more beanie weenie than baked bean. But those things are off the chain though.