Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm back

Okay I've been out of the office so to say for the last several days. Lots of weird shit, family dog died, became a fan of Clockwork Cabaret, realized I'm a souless monster (or perhaps I have a soul and its just empty and I need to find out where to get it filled), made plans to get reacquainted with my old buddy Wellbutrin, and found out today I gained 6 pounds since my last doctor visit. Or as I affectionately call it, the usual.

Well it seems during my time off I totally missed a Theater Thursday post. My apologies and I assure you I shall be correcting that soon with a make up post.

But first I want to ask a question. Am I the only person that hates to share the kitchen when I'm cooking?

I mean it seems like a curse that states whenever I start cooking in the kitchen my dad absolutely MUST come in and look at what I'm doing, fiddle with things, make suggestions, conveniently need to get some food/drink, etc. Gets on the very last of my nerves (which are in short supply to start with).

So along with stealing my stuff and keeping me awake for no justified reason while I'm trying to sleep you can now add "coming into the kitchen while I'm trying to cook" to my list of things that piss me off to no end.


womanistmusings said...

No you are not the only one. I long ago declared the kitchen to be my space and I hate to have it invaded. I also don't like people entering under the guise of helping me. If I wanted your help in there I would have asked. People just get under foot and become a pain.

Danny said...

Exactly. I don't cook very often but dammit when I do the kitchen is mine and mine alone.

Sonja said...

Me too. My exact words when I moved in with my husband were: "The kitchen is MINE".

I chose to do all the cooking (and have the option to not cook if I don't feel like it) because I like to cook.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I hate to share it too. It's my space, and for the amount of effort I put into organizing and maintaining it, it darn well should be.