Monday, March 15, 2010

I don't think its really that simple

So there's this study on gender and guilt by a team of Spanish psychological researchers and they seem to have come to the conclusion that men are guilt deficient and women are too easily guilted.

Okay as a man I have to question these results for one simple reason and in fact the article (and to an extent the study too) actually gives a possible explanation as to why I'm kinda doubting the turnout.

Supposedly men lack “interpersonal sensitivity”, which I gather is a sensitivity to the feelings of other people. Now as any person that has any understanding of what the script in being a man knows men are not supposed to be emotional creatures. To feel guilty about something/someone is to acknowledge feelings about that something/someone and that's a no no for us.
Well my question is this. If men supposedly are not emotional creatures then what's the likelyhood that men would speak up freely about it? So you're probably thinking "what difference does that make?". The difference would be how to go about "fixing" men (yes that article actually speaks about men as if we are appliances that work but have something in us that needs to fixed in order to function properly).

Now speaking from person experience I can say that I do have such feelings but according to the script it is not okay for me to display them for fear of being told that I'm not a real man by other men and women (especially women). Based on that and my thought that I can't be the only man out there in this situation I would say its not so much as men are void of emotion and to have emotion introduced to us like we're Data from Star Trek. (Mind you I think this may be the case for some men but not all and I'd bet not most either.) No the answer lies in making it known that such feelings are okay and there is nothing wrong with having or displaying them.

Once society comes to terms with the fact that we our emotional range actually includes more than lust, happy, and angry we will all be better off.