Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doing the crime.....doing the time.....

Tip of the Fro to Robert Franklin on this one.

Similar to the way that female teacher/male student sexual relationships are making big headlines (yet those women often face lighter punishments than male teachers that do the same) these days there are stories popping up of female prison workers having sex with inmates such as this one at a prison.

Michael Murphy is an inmate of a state prison in the state if Montana who over the last several years has engaged in a sexual relationship with at least 5 female prison workers and one female therapist. Now as most people can this this is a serious problem. For someone in a position of power (parent, teacher, prison guard, adult) to have sex with someone who is not in a position of power (child, student, inmate) is a serious no no to say the least. To do so is to abuse the authority said person has been trusted with over that person. But listening to the women who committed the offenses you would think that THEY were the victims.
The women officers described Murphy as the aggressor, even as the predator.
Yeah. So even though they as guards could report his behavior and have him punished at the drop of a hat they have it in their minds that he is the predator and they are the prey. We aren't talking about a man taking advantage of a woman (by force, by "consent", or some other means) we are talking about grown women that chose to consent to the have sex with him and do illegal favors for him. Most reasonable people wouldn't tolerate such ploys if the genders were reversed however there are lot of people out that think that women just cannot make up their minds about sex (while at the same time saying they are equal to men) and should therefore never be held responsible for their choices.

How exactly are we to stop having gender based double standards when it is apparent that we still want to hold onto them so tightly to make us feel better?

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