Thursday, February 4, 2010

When you want to make a group look bad....

you take the worst small sample, insult it, point out where its wrong, and act like they represent the entire group. And is just what The Daily Show did.

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I've never been much of a fan of The Daily Show and this might be why.

Now its my understanding that the point of clips like this is to point out people who are being hypocritical, outrageous, and sometimes perpetuating the things they claim to be against. I suppose in this segment they are trying to poke fun at people who think that the state of masculinity/manhood today is in trouble. Well they hit and miss.

They hit by pointing how some try to pass off that women outnumbering men in the workforce in and of itself hurts men. They miss by acting as if men running 485 of the Fortune 500 hundred companies somehow benefits men as a class. For every one of those 485 male CEOs there are 50 average joes we'll never know the name of.

They hit when they point out that men there are plenty of places of men to gather despite what Wayne M. Levine of says. They miss because those "plenty" of spaces they show are a golf course, strip club, and sports bar. While I don't endorse Levine (don't know enough about him and his organization) he says that it is socially unacceptable for men to gather. Now the Daily Show counters with the sports bar, strip club, and golf course. There are people that do frown on those places as unacceptable (especially the strip club). So basically they try to prove him wrong by invoking a stereotype and in odd way almost prove his point.

They hit by giving an example of women being left to do things on their own. They miss by way of their example being hunting a deer. Say what you want but men have been the hunters so I'm not sure what the overall point there was.

So essentially they were trying to make fun of the idea that there are problems with masculinity and manhood that need to be addressed by supposedly pointing out that they really don't have anything to complain about. Now if it wasn't for things like child custody, false rape claims, suicide, living a shorter life, being expected to give one's life up for a woman because her life is more valuable than his, drop in education, treatment of male abuse victims, etc... they may actually have a point about men not having anything to complain about.

Oh and about Warren Farrell. If a select few remarks are supposed to be enough to discredit someone then why are there people arguing over Mary Daly's contributions to feminism despite her misandric and transphobic speech? Hopefully there aren't too many people out there that will try to pass this off as representation of MRAs.


Toysoldier said...

The segments are always like that. They deliberately take things out of context and misrepresent what the groups are about.

Danny said...

True indeed TS. Chances are this will probably be used as proof that MRAs are crazy and really want to harm women. I'd pay good money to see them do something like this to feminists and see how they react.