Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well I suppose I would smile too if I got away so lightly...

Recall that story a while back about the four women that found out a man was multi-timing all of them and in retaliation they lured him to a hotel room, tied him to a bed, glued his penis to his stomach, verbally berated him, robbed him, and left them there?

Yeah apparently off of that is only punishable with one year probation plus community service.

One of the women involved, 48 year old Therese A. Ziemann, said she and three other women only meant to confront the married man about his cheating ways. Her decision to grab the bottle of nail glue from her makeup bag was "a stupid spur-of-the-minute decision," brought on by finding out that the man in question had been trying to contact her 12 year old daughter. Okay I can fully understand wanting to protect family. I don't have kids of my own but I have nieces and nephews that I will lay waste and do damage for if need be. At the same time though I know full well that if I do something illegal I have to face the consequences. Which is not what happened here.

Basically what happened here is that four women were given a free pass take their revenge for being hurt by that guy. And probably the most messed up part is that the judge almost alluded to gender bias in this case. From Judge Donald Poppy:
The judge acknowledged a possible double-standard with the sentencing. If the incident involved a man who committed similar acts against an unwilling woman, that man would doubtless face prison time.
Possible my ass. If the genders were reversed in this chances are he would be facing hard time, sex offender registry, people would be thankful that such a horrible man was put away.

The judge also commented that his "bad behavior" were partly to blame for what they did to him. Victim blaming if I ever heard it. Yes he his behavior was bad but there is no way to justify what they did to him and crying that she "overreacted" is no reason to let her basically get away with it. She could have just left. She could have divorced him and possibly cleaned him out. And if I'm not mistaken adultery is actually still a punishable crime in that state, surely if the other three women were in on the act they would have been more than happy to help put him away for that. So there were plenty of perfectly legal and non-violating ways to handle this but they chose not to. And now they have been given a pass on it because of their gender.

I gotta say that this guy is a better one that me because even after all I just typed out here I would still be tempted to take justice into my own hands.