Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekly Menu February 1 Extra Stage!!!

Egg Nog Cake Revisited!!!

Okay if you recall a short while back I did an Egg Nog Cake with Egg Nog Frosting. Well it turns out that soy egg nog has a slightly longer shelf life so I was able to pick some up and try again.

I did just what I did last time except this time I was using soy based egg nog instead of standard egg nog. While I was mixing it it seemed like I had overcome the density problem since the batter wasn't as thick as before. Boy was I wrong. Even though soy egg nog is closer to the consistency of standard milk than standard egg nog it still came out dense. Apparently there is something in standard milk that helps with the density of a case and whatever that something is it is not in egg nog or soy egg nog. Although there is one difference. The first cake didn't rise that much whereas this second cake rose so much I had to stab it to keep it from coming out of the pan and there was still a mound on top so high that I had to cut it off so I could frost the cake properly. BTW the frosting was just the same as well.

While shopping last week I did notice that there were cans of egg nog still on the shelf and I think that since its canned it lasts longer than cartons and seems to be available all year around. Perhaps three times a charm...