Thursday, February 25, 2010

Theater Thursday: Amelie

Under normal circumstances I run screaming from love story movies and especially romantic comedies. However I'm so glad I decided to give Amelie a try.

Amelie is the story of a young woman, who after growing up with very little contact due to being sheltered by a father who misdiagnosed her with a heart condition, takes it upon herself to help other people in her life.

It all starts with her watching tv while putting on perfume when the broadcast is interrupted with the announcement of the death of Princess Diana. The shock of the news causes her to drop the top to her perfume bottle which hits the floor and rolls along until it hits a tile at the bottom of a wall and knocks it loose. Inside our heroine finds an old box full of childhood treasures. Thinking it would be nice to see the items returned to their owner Amelie tracks down the boy left those items hidden in the wall 50 years ago. Upon getting the items back the man is inspired to reconnect with the family that he fell out of touch with years ago.

From there the adventure starts. From humbling a store owner who harasses and picks on his mentally challenged assistant to trying to help a lovesick stalker move on to getting her dad to finally travel like he always wanted Amelie seems to be making a lot of progress in helping people. But alas what about her own life? Its one thing to be able to help other people with their lives but in my opinion it takes a lot more strength to work on one's own life.

One day at the train station she encounters a young man who while chasing someone drops a photo album from his bike. After looking through the book her interest is piqued. However instead of straight forwardly introducing herself to him she toys with him, strings him along, and plays games. Perhaps her indirect attempts at getting this man's attention is the result of having very little contact with people and thus not knowing how to deal with this type of situation. (This kinda reminded of the series of posts on the Seduction Community and Pickup Artists that has been going on at Feminist Critics for the last several weeks). Whatever the reason may there are multiple instances in which she has the opportunity to make contact but she just shies away. Which leads me to the question this time around.

When in a situation in which you encounter someone that you are interested in and would like to get to know how do you make contact? Would you play hard to get?

As a guy that still has not found his swagger I find this question hard to answer. I don't think there is a single magic bullet solution that will work all the time mind you, just wondering what other people would do. The direct approach? Feigning interest then playing hard to get? What say you?