Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Such a shame....

Glenn Sacks and Robert Franklin, the two main brains behind Glenn Sacks' blog, in an effort to devote more attention to their activist efforts have decided to cease commentary on their blog.
Fathers & Families is working hard to build affiliates, increase funding, and expand the scope of our organization. That agenda, together with efforts to pass our extensive legislative slate while simultaneously defending against harmful bills, require us to re-budget our time. Largely as a time-saving measure, we've decided to leave the comments off the website.
I have to say that my time posting on that blog was a bit of a mixed bag. At times there was useful and insightful commentary and at times there was hateful spew (and it wasn't always towards women), often at the same time. Hopefully they will succeed in building a stronger and larger network and will one day be able to spare the resources to resume commenting on their blog. They will still continue posting and as far as I can tell its still possible to link to them meaning if you can't the conversation there you can at least take it somewhere else.

Until that day comes Stay Frosty Glenn and Robert!