Friday, February 26, 2010

I am so glad Biurny Peguero didn't get that deal

A bit of backgroud on this from Glenn Sacks:
Biurny Gonzalez, nee Peguero accused William McCaffrey of rape four years ago. You see, she'd promised a ride to a party to some friends, but stood them up when she went off with McCafffrey instead. The friends were angry with her, so she did what any responsible person would do; she accused McCaffrey of rape. He was slapped with a 20-year sentence despite there being no evidence but her say-so and some bite marks on her arm she claimed McCaffrey had made.
So what you have here is a woman who falsely accused a man of rape. Now thankfully Peguero did come up and offered to tell the truth and help McCaffrey go free but she had one condition:
Now she admits it was all a lie. He's done four years in stir and would be on his way out the door but for one thing. Gonzalez refuses to testify unless she's given immunity from prosecution for her perjury.
So basically you have a woman that wanted to set things right and help the man whose life she long as she didn't have to face any punishment except for her own remorse. Yeah she thinks that feeling bad about what she did makes up for putting an innocent man away for four years. But today while surfing around I was kinda amazed at the two very different tellings of the news that she didn't get her deal and is going to prison for 1-3 years.

First we have Feministing:
Why is this front page news? By all accounts, she deserves no more mainstream retribution and criticism than any other person who commits an act of perjury or falsely reports a crime. It is not readily apparent to me why this woman's particular story was featured on the front page of a high-traffic , mainstream, online media outlet. After digging through the related news stories spanning many years, I still can't recognize why her story is national-media attention worthy?

Yeah a woman commits a crime by making a false claim that sends an innocent man to prison for 4 years (of 20) but she doesn't deserve any more attention than any other false report. See what is being done here? This is what you call marginalizing. We aren't talking about someone that falsely reported a car being stolen. WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT A PIECE OF PROPERTY!!! THIS IS ABOUT THE LIFE OF AN INNOCENT MAN!! When you knowingly make a false claim that results in someone getting punished for that crime that did not happen you bet your ass that they deserve to be called out on the front page.
The message ingrained in this one headline, regardless of the content and context of the article, is that women will make up being raped or physically assaulted by men. Women are meant to be recipients of a male's sexual appetites and when she rebukes this role, innocent men go to prison.
See the slight of hand there? This isn't about how there actually are cases out there in which innocent men go to prison for rapes they did not commit no no the problem is that she rebuked her role of fulfilling men's sexual appetites. So in the end the innocent man is not the man that spent four years in prison for something he did not commit no the victims here are women. This is the type of stuff that you see commonly from feminists who just can't get over the fact that when it comes to rape it is not automatically set in stone that men have the upper hand over women and they just have to take it upon themselves to set the scale "right" when it happens.

And I really like this comment:
Women do make up these claims, as this case clearly shows. The important part is that false reports are a tiny minority of all reports.
The important part isn't that false reports happen. The important part isn't they do real damage to the falsely accused. (Yes it can cause actual victims to be believed less often but I'm really sick of this "there's no incentive to file a false report" nonsense as if there is no way that a woman would falsely accuse a man of rape out of spite or self preservation.) No the important part is that they don't happen very often.

I think its almost ironic that in a thread that is supposed to be calling out victim blaming the people in that thread are engaging in that exact activity.

Next we have Toy Soldier:
Of the numerous cases of false accusations reported in the news, only a handful result in criminal charges. Of those that result in charges, only a handful result in jail time. And of those that result in jail time, only a handful result in anything more than a few weeks behind bars.
Notice how unlike the first post TS talks about the actual crime at hand. You know the whole thing about how a woman lied about being raped and had a man sent to prison for a crime that did not happen (not to be confused with someone actually being attacked and mistakenly IDing the wrong person).

So yeah I just had to point that out.


Toysoldier said...

I am actually impressed by the Feministing post. It is not often someone can top Glen Beck's level of nonsensical conclusions. To do so takes a conscious effort to distort the facts beyond any recognition. More so, to complain about victim blaming while victim blaming is quite an achievement, particularly for an individual not involved in a massive sex scandal cover-up. I am also impressed by the comments objecting to the post, although it appears that most of the people posting there are not the regulars.

Danny said...

LOL TS. That's some wildness alright.

probro98 said...

"The important part is that false reports are a tiny minority of all reports."

Which is precisely why they are newsworthy.

American sheepeople said...

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Sal said...

biurny. .
.piece of $$## should be rotting in prison

Sal said...

biurny. .
.piece of $$## should be rotting in prison