Monday, January 11, 2010

While it is a tech site...

...that does not excuse what is going on here.

Now with Gizmodo being a tech there is no question that the main point of this was to call attention to the tech behind someone using the Phostoshop software to meld two women together for the "best of both worlds" approach. Well the person here took it a few steps further and placed 16 women in a tournament like setup and blended 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, etc... After the "first round" the remaining 8 composites are blended 1&2, etc... until at the end there is one master composite woman that has traits from each of the original 16 women. (BTW I have to say that I find the Ann Hathaway/Angelina Jolie composite, the Hilary Duff/Jennifer Love-Hewitt composite, and the result of Duff/Hewitt blended with the Beil/Alba composite to be absolutely gorgeous.)

Don't worry people did call attention to the fact that all 16 of them are of European decent. However what you should worry about is the explosion that went off in the comment section.

Now since this seems to be a project done by a single person so while I do find it odd that the list is pretty monotone and limited to an narrow age range I'm not so quick to call this person racist/agist. I mean if this had been done as some official ad/ranking/experiment/whatever by Adobe (the creators of the Photoshop software) then I would certainly have problems with it. But even with the issues of beauty being equated with white and young if this is the work of an individual can you really go straight from seeing this project to declaring them racist/agist?

Not sure.