Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weekly Menu January 4-8

This week I decided to go back to a stir fry. Nothing serious just a simple one.

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

2 pkgs. of sliced mushrooms (you know the ones that come in the little styrofoam box and are covered in plastic wrap)

1 bag of shredded broccoli, red cabbage, and carrots (I didn't even know you could buy this until I saw in the store while looking for veggies).

1 box of bean sprouts

1/2 of a white onion (I had to make my Garlonionshroom Potatoes for a lunch at work a few days before Christmas and still had half of the white onion from that left over.

Boiling Bag Long Grain Brown Rice

Szechuan Sauce (store bought)

In an effort to get the different flavors I cooked the ingredients in parts and then just mixed them at the end. Oh but to give the flavors a chance to mix a bit I did not wash out my skillet after each set.

1. I sauteed the onion in oil and black pepper. Once they got soft I added a pack of the mushrooms and cooked them together until the mushrooms were browned and soft. Set them aside.

2. I sauteed the other pack of mushrooms in the szechuan sauce and oil and let them get brown and soft then added the bean sprouts. My goal here was to not let the bean sprouts get soggy from over cooking. Set aside.

3. I sauteed the shredded broccoli/carrots/red cabbage in crushed red pepper and oil. The goal here is to cook them but not let them get too soft. You can cook longer if you don't want them crunchy.

4. I simply cleaned and cut up the chicken into chunks and panfried it in the szechuan and oil. My trick to this is to leave on piece significantly larger than the other (the control piece if you will) and when that piece is done all the way through cook it for about 3 more minutes to make certain and then its ready.

5. While doing steps one through four you can go ahead and cook your rice (well I used brown rice but you can use whatever rice or noodles you want, or none at all).

6. Finally I laid a bed of rice in each container (remember I'm taking these to work) and then added a about a large spoonful of each of the four different parts (1. mushroom/onion, 2. mushroom/bean sprouts, 3. broccoli/carrots/red cabbage, 4. chicken) and that was that.