Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weekly Menu January 4-8 Extra Stage!!!

Okay what do you do when you have almost a quart of oysters about to go bad in a few days and a whole loaf of wheat about to go bad soon?

Duh you make Oyster Dressing and Wheaty Bread Pudding

Oyster Dressing

1 Box of Conrnbread Stovetop
1 cup of milk
1 cup of boiling water
1/2 stick of butter
About 15 raw oysters
1 egg

While the water is boiling empty the Stovetop pack into a large mixing bowl and either cut your butter into pieces and add it in ( so that the boiling water can melt it more easily) or melt then add it to the bowl. Once the water is ready add 1 cup of it along with 1 cup of milk. Stir it. Stir in the egg. Stir in the oysters. You'll notice its a lot looser than what would happen if you had just followed the box. That's okay because we are baking it in the oven. Put it in a greased pan and bake at about 350 until like a cake you can stick a fork all the way through it and it comes out clean. Depending on how deep the pan is it should be around 30min. or so.

Wheaty Bread Pudding
(I actually looked at this by Paula Deen for inspiration.

About 12 slices of wheat bread and let it sit out all day so it can get hard and stale. I started off with only 9 pieces and had to add 3 more while mixing. And since those other three pieces were white bread its safe to say you can use whatever type of bread you have. Don't be scared to experiment.
2 cups of granulated sugar
1 cup of milk
1 cup of soy milk
5 eggs
1/2 stick of butter

First in a large mixing bowl tear the bread up into pieces (kinda like you would if you were at the park feeding birds). In another bowl I mixed 1 cup of the granulated sugar and the 5 eggs (I was going to try to do mix both in but the sugar kept sinking to the bottom of the bowl). Pour this mixture over the bread and stir it up. In that other bowl mix the 2 cups of milk (I personally am a fan of soy so I used it but I'm sure you can use whatever milk you want) with the other cup of granulated sugar. Pour this onto the bread and stir it up. Melt the butter and mix it in. Let it sit for about 1o minutes (the goal is to let the bread soak up the liquids. Stir it up before placing it in a greased pan and baking at 350 until like a cake you can put a fork through it and it comes out clean (about 45min.)

Good stuff. I especially like this because the final result had a crunchy top and soft bottom.


Stay Frosty