Thursday, January 28, 2010

Theater Thursday: My Life Without Me

Imagine going about your life in a normal fashion. You work as a cleaner at a college at night after classes. After getting off you pick up your mom (who lives next door) from her job at a bakery. You come home to your husband and two daughters. The next morning you see your kids off to school and your husband off to work and shortly after you collapse in the kitchen with severe abdominal pain. After going to the Emergency Room and waiting far too long to be seen you get the news of your life. At the age of 23 you are diagnosed with terminal ovarian and have only months to live. What do you do with your remaining time?

That is the question that is set before Ann in this film by Isabel Coixet.

Predating the Bucket List (starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) by a few years the events of this movie are Ann's answer to that question. The next day after receiving her diagnosis she begins to make a list of things she wants to do before she dies.

Among her many tasks to cover are getting her husband to meet a new woman (this one made me sad), preparing a series of birthday messages for her daughters (one every year until they turn 18), and visiting her father who is in prison (for murder). Even though Ann also does some morally questionable things (namely she hides her diagnosis from her family and has an affair) I still feel for her and her situation. I mean who would not be tempted to do immoral things if they knew they were about to die soon? Have to admit I would.

I won't give the full ending away but I think you should give this at least one viewing despite it being one of those movies that you kinda have to be in the mood to watch.

This made me think when I first saw it a few years ago and again when watching tonight about the things I would like to do before I die.

Travel outside the country - At 29 years old all the traveling I've ever has been in 5 of the fifty states in the US and that's it. Not much moving around as you can see. Living such a limited life in terms of travel I often dream about going to different places just to see them with my own eyes. And more importantly I want to visit those places just to satisfy my curiosity.

Independence - After I finished high school I went away to college for four years but ran out of money. I bounced around for a few months but in early 2004 my mom's cancer began its final stages and she required constant care. With my younger sister still in high school and my dad working I was the only option. On that note I returned home. She passed away 2 months later and I've been stuck here ever since. Nearly 30 years old and I still live at home. While there are valid reasons (namely a close to deadend job and a dad that is worse with money that a thief) as far as I'm concerned I'm failing at life. Before I take my last breath I'd like to know what real true independence feels like.

Get around to taking a stab at Love and Sex - I don't travel a lot and still live at home so I guess it only makes sense that I have no experience in love and sex. At first this desire was mainly based in playing out my gender role as a boy/man but its just plain curiosity now. I've never been in a relationship with another person. I wonder what it would be like to have such companionship. To have someone I can share anything with. Someone I totally breakdown in front of (mind you I don't break down but that is another story for another day) and not worry about being judged. And then there is the sex. I'm not just talking the strict physical feeling of sex I talking about the contact with another person on a physical, emotional, and who knows what other levels.

So many frontiers to explore, and an unknown about of time to explore them. By chance are there any things you would like to do before you die?*

As an added bonus I wanted to thrown in one of the songs used in the soundtrack. Its a slow somber song that really fits the mood of the movie. Enjoy.

Alpha - Sometime Later

* - You'll notice that even though unlike my first Theater Thursday post this one is about a movie that has been released I didn't just do a straight review. I often find that a review of a movie, while thorough, doesn't seem to get me to talk as much as directly asking questions about said movie. So chances are when I'm talking about a movie that is already out for viewing I won't just do a review of it but will more than likely end these posts with a question to spark conversation.