Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunday Shame: Dark Chocolate

Hey people its Danny again. I had an interesting conversation with Renee a week or so ago so as thanks I'm gonna throw my hat (I can't wear it with my afro anyway) into the Sunday Shame ring.

Oh Dark Chocolate How I Love Thee

When alone you are chocolate in its most tasteful state
When Ghirardelli fills your center with mint it is a wondrous treat
When coating a Resse Cup it is hard to find a better mate
When on a pretzel you create the perfect blend of salty and sweet

To consume you is to consume all that is good
To savor you is to savor a world where nothing is amiss
To taste you is to taste godhood
To partake of you is partake of bliss

Taking you into my mouth takes me to a place
Where my anger, sadness, and confusion can be unfurled
Taking you into my mouth opens me to your goodness and grace
And takes me to a peaceful and dream-like world

Yes it is like that. I enjoy dark chocolate so much that I really just took about an hour thinking of a love poem to it. For as long as I can recall I have been a fan of it and cannot get enough of it. Most people I know simply can't handle the fact that unlike other chocolates dark is not loaded up with milk to make it creamy or sugar to make it sweet. Too bad for them I say. I used to try to justify my taste for it by reminding myself that not only is it not as harmful as other chocolates but that it does actually help cholesterol in small servings but considering how much of it I can consume I stopped doing that ages ago.

I am not above trying just about anything with dark chocolate in it or on it. A few days ago I came across this candy shop that sold dark chocolate covered pretzels...and they were 1/2 off (this shop also had candy bars that were pieces of crystallized ginger dipped in dark chocolate...that was some goodness). Not the bagged ones made by like Snyders or something that would be on the shelf at WalMart and full preservatives I'm talking about the ones that are in large glass jars and are sold by the pound. I seriously had to limit myself to about a pound of them and they didn't even make it through the next night. After buying them I joked to myself that I would probably do hard narcotics if they were laced with dark chocolate (not the other way around mind you, who am I kidding I probably would do dark chocolate laced with hard narcotics too).

This is why you will very rarely if ever see me use it in my Weekly Menu posts. I'd precede to eat all of it, whatever it is, upon completion. Hell I don't even keep any in the house. That stuff is on a strict buy and consume immediately basis.

But all joking aide over the years I've actually made progress in cutting down my sweetness consumption but dark chocolate is one of those things that I just can't quit. And despite this post most part I have it under control but I highly doubt that short of hypnosis or suffering a traumatic experience involving the stuff I will ever stop enjoying its sweet, dark, decadence. Reminds me its Girl Scout Cookie time. Thin Mints for the win.

So what's your thoughts on dark chocolate? Yes, No, Maybe so?