Friday, January 8, 2010

So where's the firestorm now?

Recall when Chris Brown abused Rihanna and people were rightly calling for his head when the story broke?

Why isn't anyone calling for Mary J. Blige's head now?

From what I can tell apparently back in December at an album release party Mary J. Blige got into an argument with her husband Martin Kendu Isaacs and punched him. And it would seem that after the punches HE was thrown out of the party.

Frankly I hope the only reason this has not gotten as much press as Brown/Rihanna is because it can't be proven the abuse did not happen...otherwise this is a shining example of the double standard when it comes to domestic violence in which the coverage and reaction depends on not what happened but the genders of the abuser/abused.

So much for taking domestic violence seriously...


womanistmusings said...

I cannot even believe you would go there. It is impossible to compare what Mary J Blige did to what Chris did because of the difference in violence. She should not have punched the man but she clearly did not cause the same kind of damage. I think this post attempts to minimize what Rihiana went through to serve the agenda of ooo the mehnz get beat to.

Danny said...

Who said anything about which person suffered more damage? What I'm talking about are the people that constantly say "Violence is wrong no matter what." that pick and choose when to speak up. Oh and there is also the question of if Mary was the one that punched him why was HE kicked out of the party? That goes to show the gendered thinking that people still apply to violence. "Oh no there was some violence between a man and a woman the man must be the threat!"

No the damage is not the same but do you really believe that the difference in damage is the reason nearly no one has had anything to say about this?

And since you want to talk about minimizing Rihanna's injuries I think its worth pointing out that at one point Mary supposedly said, "What are you gonna do, Chris Brown me?".

I'm sure you don't mean that Mary needed to beat her husband to a bloody pulp in order to warrant seriousness but that is precisely how it comes off. And no this post serves to point out that there are people out there that aren't as serious as they claim to be when it comes to speaking out about violence.