Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prison rape is nothing to joke about


I know it may be hard to see the reality of that title but its true. No matter how serious of a crime someone in prison may have committed (not to mention the ones that are falsely imprisoned) simply put they do not deserve to be violated in one of the worst ways possible. Yet it is common place to not just wish that someone would be raped in prison but to actually pass off being raped in prison as a joke (I'm reminded of the dream sequence in the movie Office Space where the characters were sentenced to "20 years of federal pound me in the ass prison"). Well someone is trying to do something about it.

Just Detention International is an organization that is dedicated to ending the sexual abuse/assault of detainees all across the world. From the homepage:
When the government takes away someone’s freedom, it has a responsibility to protect that person’s safety. All inmates have the right be treated with dignity. No matter what crime someone has committed, sexual violence must never be part of the penalty.

Even if those people have committed the heinous crime of murder those men and women are still human beings and do not deserve to be raped simply because they committed that crime.

They are already in prison as punishment for the crime and this de facto extra punishment is not right. It is a gross violation of human rights when a blind eye is turned to prisoner being treated in such a manner by shrugging it off as "they deserve it for what they did". The judge didn't actually sentence the guy that robbed* a bank to 20 years and a weekly rape session.

Hopefully this organization will help encourage some serious prison reform.

* - I don't care if the crime in question was rape the rapist still does not deserve to raped on top of the imprisonment. That is "Eye for an Eye" territory and that is dangerous turf (unless you have convinced yourself that rape is the only crime that should be punished in such a way).