Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If you don't play by the script you will be destroyed...

I just got one hell of a reminder yesterday that having certain characteristics are not the key to the kingdom people prop them up to be.

People like to talk about "The Boys Club" or "The Good Ole Boy Network" like having a male body means a life a lap and luxury. Its not.

Yesterday about an hour after I got to work my boss (the Director of IT of the bank I work for) was fired. Why? Simply put he didn't play his role like he was supposed to in order to stay in his position of power.

A new president came into the company last June and shortly after getting here my boss pretty much let it be known he was not going to be a Yes Man for anyone. That put the bullseye on him. I personally had a love/hate relationship. He had his good moments and his bad. On one hand he would back me up and face down the gods themselves for his people...well depending on what day of the week it is, which god it is, and what mood he is in at that moment. People in power don't like having underlings they can't control. Such people are a challenge and threat to their own power.

In fact to illustrate this it is worth noting that in the last six months this new president has created two new positions despite saying his goal is to save money and help the bank grow. Both of these new positions are upper management positions (so between the two of them we are probably looking at $150k/yr in salary alone) and guess who he filled them with. People he has worked with in the past. And to drive the point home my new boss is a young management type guy. From the little I've seen of him and chatting with the guys in my department he seems to be the young eager to please type which means he is ripe pickings for this new president. Young managers that are eager to please are easier to mold to your liking.

So moral of the story: Even if you are a middle aged white heterosexual male that is married to a woman and have kids you are still expected to play by the script and if you don't you will be fucking destroyed.