Thursday, January 14, 2010

Echoes from the Computer Room : Modern Warfare or Starcraft?

Well now that the smoke is starting to clear over my new boss setting up shop (my previous boss was fired about a week ago) I think I'm starting to get a read on him. Now I know you are are starting to wonder what my job in IT much less my boss has to do with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Starcraft. Here goes.

Management styles.

My previous boss was very hands on in his running of out department. He was the typed that got directly into the mix and was doing things as well as delegating responsibility. This man had no problem hunkering down and doing the everyday work that my coworkers and I handled. Imagine if you will you are playing Modern Warfare and you are tasked with clearing out a group of enemies that are holed up in a building across the street. My former boss would pick up a gun and charge into the building with the squad of marines to meet the enemy head on. In the thick of combat he would be.

My current boss on the other hand appears to operate in a not so direct way. He seems to be the Starcraft type in which he would is not so hands on in his managing style. Imagine the same scenario of the enemies holed up across the street. This guy would be the one that would delegate a squad of marines to go clear out the building and to check in afterwards. He would make sure the job got done but he would not be the one to direction perform the task.

RTS (real time strategy) vs. FPS (first person shooter). Direct vs. indirect. Two managing styles.

Is it odd that I can relate video games to the way my bosses perform?