Thursday, January 7, 2010

A collection of 101s

As you may notice I've been making changes and considering others (namely pondering registering my domain). I've been blogging for a year and a half covering many topics here and there but I feel like I lack focus.

Well when you are looking for focus you have to start somewhere. Keyword being start. No matter what classes of people you are a part of you started your activism/blogging/speaking up/education from somewhere. And based on that I think I'm going to start collecting various human rights 101 materials. Nothing wrong with getting some education and sharing it.

So just in case you don't know what a 101 is let me try to explain.

In the college education system most courses have a number behind them such Calculus 300. That number is a reference to the difficulty level of the content of that course where the lower the number is the lower the difficulty. So when you have something called Men's Rights 101 that would be content relating to Men's Rights that is meant to serve the purpose of introducing people to the basic concepts of that movement. You will not likely come across things like why the concept of chivalry damages men (and undermines women) or why men speaking up does not automatically mean that they are trying to oppress women but more like things like looking at how men are kept out of the lives of their children.

If you look over at the side bar you will see a new section called "Haunting Grounds 101". As time passes and I come across various 101 materials (not just human rights stuff I'm talking tech, money, cooking, sewing, whatever) that catch my attention I will add them. And please don't be afraid to drop links to any 101 material you think should be added. This isn't just for me but is for anyone that comes to visit my corner.

Here's to good beginnings.