Monday, January 4, 2010

Being sick sucks

So I'm sitting at home today with a sinus headache (well the headache is gone but I got so little sleep that I would have certainly gotten fired due to the lack of patience that follows lack of sleep). Geez I hate being sick but while home today I've had a chance to get away from my bedroom and actually sit in the living room which means I only have my laptop. Well when you have only a laptop and a day to kill there is one thing you will turn to eventually, Youtube. Here goes.

Freestyle Rap Battle
Originally posted at this is a satirical translation of a rap battle. In the original there is no music meaning that whoever posted it at youtube added the music later. Someone told me about this while I was on vacation and I've been laughing ever since.

War - Cisco Kid
Many many months ago I first heard this song while reading a post at Transgriot and I've been bobbing my head to it since. Why can't some shit like this be in Rock Band?

Shimmy Blooper Reel
For those of you that don't know there is a series of instructional belly dancing videos called Shimmy. They originally ran in 2007 and FitTV has been playing them in rotation. I've been watching them because mainly I like the music, the stretches they do seem to be basic enough for a guy like me to try, the announcer's sounds so peaceful, and finally because yes I do find the women attractive. Well for the longest time I've never considered the idea that instructional videos could have blooper reels. Yeah this video did a nice job of shattering that. And now that I think about it it is probably extremely easy to have a blooper reel in an instructional video. All you need is more than one person performing the actions. Comedy will ensue. What makes this even funnier is that the actual announcer from the show is trying to tell what they are doing...but it doesn't always end well.

And one more thing:
If you are going to try the dance steps from Beyonce's "Single Ladies" by all that is holy don't dance near the tv!!!!!

I think I'm almost ready to get back to work now...