Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What to do next year?

Well as this year is winding down it is time to ponder what I will have my sights set on next year. A simple (and by no means complete) breakdown include:

Work on my work attire: I've been thinking about this for a long time and I think its high time I worked on what I wear to my job. As an "IT guy" my work wear is pretty much three button polos and dress slacks. Well as a man in the job place there isn't much I can do about the dress slacks but today I pulled out a dress shirt I've only wore like 4 times in the five years I've had it. I got a few complements today which is a mixed message to me. One one had it's flattering to get a complement but on the other that's a sign that what I usually wear is mundane. So next year I'm going to work on adding a bit of flair to my work wardrobe.

Go to an anime convention: I used to pride myself on being an active otaku but in the last few years my awareness of anime has pretty much fallen to what makes it to American tv and with internet access that is a damn shame. Recently I've been getting back into anime and manga (I recommend Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Vampire Knight, two current favorites) and its time to go to a con. Its been several years since the last con I went to (I think it was Otakon 2002 or so) and I am really feeling the desire to get back into it.

Get real about my job hunt: Technically I've been on a job hunt for the last year or so but have not gotten much of a bite. Even with the economy like it is part of the reason I've haven't hit on much is my lack of motivation. That will change. I turn 30 in 2010 and I REFUSE to still be living at home when do. Any know of any openings in internal (meaning I help bank employees, not bank customers) tech support in the banking industry?

Move: This one depends on my job hunt. I'm willing to move anywhere. The place I live in now is geared toward older people and I am too young to live here. But I do have the wisdom to want to come back after a few decades for the peaceful life. Yet if I end up living my entire life here I will become a resentful bitter old man full of regret. That will not happen.

Build a new pc: I've never built one before and want to take a try at it. My current main desktop is several years old (I don't even have USB 2.0 slots on this rig) and can barely keep up with the little bit of gaming I do. Been looking at build lists and doing homework on parts and next year I will draw up a formal build and start working on it. I will start buying parts in February but if I get an annual bonus in March (and I say if because we didn't get one this year for the first time ever) I'll have all the parts a lot sooner. This build will be covered here.

Get fit: Yes its a staple resolution but its one I will keep. I have a local gym just a few miles away so there is no real reason that I can't go work out at least every other day after work (I plan on using the strategy of going straight from work instead of going home first to keep my motivation up).

Well that's my list of resolutions. See you folks next year!