Thursday, December 3, 2009

This song is awesome parody material...

Beyonce hit something big with the song and video "Single Ladies".

Mind you the dance steps used in the video were influenced by Gwen Verdon's performance "Mexican Breakfast" (which has been copied dubbed over by so many "me too" idiots that I can't even find her original performance). Well now that Beyonce has made a video influenced I guess its fitting that there are videos influenced by her performance. Well despite all the countless "me too" idiot copies out there there are two that really stand out.

Dancer Shane Mercado performed the dance steps from Beyonce's video very well in this. The video is playing on a green screen and he is dancing in front of it. Mind you the timing is not that great but the important thing is that he has most of those moves down pat. That man can throw it down. I wish I had moves like that.

I'm not even a fan of Dr. Who (and I was overwhelmed and ran in terror when I tried to look up the series to try to get into it) but I like this. Its only a small clip but its funny as hell. And that guy doesn't look too bad either...

I'm sure there are more parodies of this out there and if I find them I'll share.


FilthyGrandeur said...

these were great!

i think that this video is just one constant stream of dance and music and not some pretentious attempt to tell a story (like a lot of videos) makes this video so easy to parody. and anyone that can do these moves without pulling something is amazing (i don't even want to try).

i also love when babies dance to these videos. adorable!

Danny said...

I agree!