Thursday, December 3, 2009

Conditioner and Water in a Spray Bottle

Last night I talked about how I'm working on taking better care of my hair and one of my first experiments is a concoction of Conditioner and Water in a Spray Bottle. Just to refresh:

Conditioner and Water in a Spray Bottle
I'm not sure where I got this from but I did see it on a site and decided that its at least a cheap start. Basically I got a bottle of conditioner (Suave Naturals Refreshing Waterfall Mist), a bottle of spring water (I would have preferred distilled but there was none available), and a simple spray bottle. I just mixed the water and conditioner in a mix of 5 parts water and 2 parts conditioner.

I've used it once tonight to get a feel for how it would work and so far I like it. The main purpose of this is to be a daily (or twice daily) spray to apply to my hair so that I can break one of my worst habits, combing my hair while it is bone dry. I've been working on breaking that one for the last few months and I can already tell by way of having way less hair breaks in my afro pick and wide tooth comb.

I think it may be worth explaining the rationale behind using conditioner this way. When I first saw this recipe I thought it was silly. I'll bet some of you read that and thought, "But Danny you are supposed to wash conditioner out of you hair." Yes and I thought so too but when I washed my hair about two days ago I realized that when you put conditioner in your hair and rinse it out there is no way in hell you are washing it all out. Chances are some of that conditioner is left behind in your hair to continue moisturizing it. Well why not just add a small amount to your hair like you would add any other leave in product? That is when this mix made sense to me.

I used it when I first made it last night, this morning when I woke up, and once since I got home this evening. So far I'm happy with the results. My hair already feels softer instead of hard and coarse. And its also fun run my fingers through my hair and not have it break while at the same time it be moist but not have a greasy residue or feel heavy from grease.

I'm going to find that list of 10 things to not put in your hair and put those up next.



Sonja Newcombe said...

I have leave-in conditioners that I use on my hair, and it feels great.

I've also had to stop using soaps, and changed over to QV products (on the recommendation of my Dr, who's also a Dermatologist), and my (extremely sensitive) skin is thanking me :)

Danny said...

QV products?

Yeah skin protection is also a motivator to stop using store bought stuff. I am thankful that my skin is not sensitive however my scalp is weird and its been very hard finding something that will work on it. And since store bought hair products are prone to being discontinued I think its a good move. The individual ingredients have so many uses that it is highly unlikely that they will become rare or extinct.

(BTW how did you get that check box up there in your comment?)

Sonja Newcombe said...

Yes, QV - They make soap-less skin products that initially feel greasy, but after a while feel silky, and your skin follows! It's been a real blessing on my typically dry skin.

I seem to be able to use just about whatever hair care products I feel like. My hair adjusts to them very quickly, so change isn't always a bad thing for me.

As to individual ingredients being over-used, take a look at Nickel. That's what I'm allergic to, and it's used in more types of stainless steel than I care to count. Since stainless steel is almost literally everywhere, it's virtually impossible to avoid reacting to the nickel in it. Jewellery stores (usually through the suppliers) are telling people that steel is nickel-free, which is utter bull. 316L is the grade of steel typically used for watches, which contains 10-14% nickel, and for people like me, even that is too much. I was lucky to find a watch by TooLate, which is totally encased in silicone, like those activist bands that are everywhere.