Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankfully it seems to be already gone but...

Saw this today at Feministing.

Yes there is (or at least was because now that I'm home trying to find the group I've had no luck so maybe its already been taken down) a group out there called "Not Getting Raped by a Huge Black Guy". There are four major problems with that title. Now I'm sure most of the posts people do in this on this are going to talk about the "Rape" and "Black" and maybe touch on "Guy" a bit so I'll take on "Huge" and since its gendered I'll touch more on "Guy".

When talking about large men its not uncommon to stereotype us as angry and violent. Hell I still remember taunts about not making the fat kid angry because he'll sit on them. It's bad enough that men are typed to be violent angry and predatorial but it gets even worse when they guy has a few extra pounds.

I've had plenty of experiences in which women see me and switch to the other side of the street of make eye contact with me to size up my intent or things to decide if the fat black guy is going to attack them. Yeah there may be other reasons they are looking a me but I'm not silly enough to think that my size has never been one as well. A black man has enough to deal with when it comes to be cast as a sexual predator looking for the next woman to violate adding the weight doesn't not help.

Well at least the group seems to have already been dealt with and taken down but in my looking I did find another group called Not getting anal raped by a big white guy. They may not have it the same as us but changing the race to white does not erase all the problems of such an offensive name and it also has a picture of another WWE wrestler named The Big Show. And hell doing more searching turned up Getting Raped by a Huge Black Guy with a picture of who I think is a former WWE wrestler.

There's so much going on here that I'm burning out. Just a bunch of bullshit.


April said...

When I read that post on Feministing, I read "huge" to be a reference to the stereotype that all black men have huge penises.

Obviously that doesn't make the group any better. There is so much wrong with the entirety of that group, it's hard to even find a place to start.

Danny said...

Huge penises and black men is a whole nother ball of wax but what made me think about large black men was the fact that the pic for the group was of a large black man. Perhaps large black man with a large black cock?