Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm 29 today dammit!

Today is my 29th birthday and I celebrated by taking a Fuck It Day.

I had two simple objectives.

1. Oil Change - A dude's vehicle was like 1500 miles overdue for a change. I'm going on vacation in about a month (which is really a journey to find my Swagger, I'll get back to that another day) and it needs to be in top shape.

2. Meeting an old friend - I managed to take a few hours to hang out with a friend from high school I had not seen in years. Simply sat down and talked about this and that and here and there. Amazing what one can go through after ten years.

Both objectives were completed and all is well in my universe. And I did it all by taking a day off for the first time in over a month (the last 2 weeks of which I was stuck covering for another guy).

Bonus objective - I managed to see the new movie Fourth Kind. It was pretty good but I would not recommend you paying the big ticket prices. Maybe a Sunday matinee.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.

Rachel Cervantes said...

That was me, too.

Danny said...


elementary_watson said...

Well than, a belated "Happy Birthday" from me, too.

I still haven't figured out how to really interpret the "Matinee" rating of movies, which seems to become more and more popular ...

Danny said...

Thanks EW.

As for the "Matinee" rating. Most movie theaters (at least in the States, not sure what country you're in) have cheaper ticket prices on Sundays and on most weekdays up until 5pm, which is when the night time moviegoers come out. So by saying its worth a Matinee viewing it means its worth the cheaper price during the week but not the full ticket price you would pay on like a Friday night.