Saturday, November 14, 2009

I guess if the media won't talk about it...

One of the biggest drawbacks if living off the beaten path is that when something happens it won't get reported unless its a horrible crime. Its been flooding in Eastern NC for the last few days and hardly anyone is talking about. Mind you nothing major just flooded roads and thankfully no one has been hurt but it kinda makes you feel bad that your hometown is flooded and no one talks about it because you don't live in Beverly Hills (yeah media would get footage of every drop of water if that place was flooded).

But then I realize that I have my own corner of the universe to talk as a please so why not put it to good use. I took some photos and dropped them into a small album yesterday just to show what its looking like.

I would have taken more pics today to show how much worse its gotten but like a silly person I left my camera on all night while hooked to my pc to upload the photos so they are recharging. Once they are charged I'll have another set of photos to share.

And as a bonus I took a small vid clip to show how deep the water is. Yes I was bored enough to add my own music to it:

Edit: Here are pics of what it looks like today.


April said...


You are my hero.

Danny said...

Ah you noticed?