Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beware the CAPS lock and NUM lock

Long time since I shared an echo but this is a very big one. In fact I'm a bit shocked I haven't covered it already.

When working in an environment that has usernames and passwords there WILL be a LOT of resets for them . And there is one reason for that.

Forgetting the NUM lock and/or CAPS lock are on.

You would not believe how many calls I get from people saying they are locked out and "know" that they typed their password correct. Chances are they are hitting the correct keys but have either turned on the CAPS lock for a form they filled out earlier or shut off the NUM lock key when reaching for the number 7 at the far right of the keyboard.

Mind you this only counts when dealing with case sensitive (meaning the program in question recognizes the difference between "A" and "a") passwords but there a lot of passwords that are case sensitive so this is worth keeping in mind.

As for the NUM lock just make sure you are hitting that Page Down/Page UP/7 or whatever it is you're reaching for. And also remember that sometimes the NUM lock may not be automatically coming on when you long onto you pc.

Tip: Most modern keyboards have CAPS lock and NUM lock indicator lights at the top of the keyboard either above the F Keys or above the NUM lock button itself to the far right. Usually the CAPS lock light is marked with a "A" and the NUM lock light is marked with a "9" or "1" (without the quotations of course). The indicator light being lit (usually green) means the lock is on and the light being off means its off.

So before you get to typing in your passwords make sure the CAPS and NUM locks are in the right position.