Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Unless we're talking about the body part...

or nicknaming someone named Richard why is the word dick coming out of our mouths?

I was watching the second episode of the new show Trauma last night and I noticed two things:

1. The FCC has apparently given the green light on language that would have never passed before. This summer in the series opener of the medial drama HawthoRNE Jada Pinkett's character calls her on screen daughter a bullshit artist.

2. In this one episode there were three instances of calling men dicks in reference to jerk like behavior. And its a 9pm show (right after Heroes). It would seem that it is okay to refer to unlikable people as dicks.

Just so we're on the level here to call someone a dick is to call them an unlikable person who is full of themselves or someone that is just plan old mean to people.

So why is it okay to associate such things with a male body part?

I suppose the first question is to ask why is it even being associated with a male part to start with. Perhaps its because those traits have been associated with the male gender in general. To be unlikable is to be male? To be mean is to be male? To be a jerk is to be male?

As for why it is okay to associate such things with a male body part and by extension the male gender I suppose its because people have allowed such an association to slide. Well I think I'm done with that.

Yeah I think its high time to remove that reference from the vocabulary.