Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Really? They could not find a single one?

Okay most people are aware that blackface is not entertainment. Well it would seem that there are some that think that blackface is high fashion.

French Vogue magazine apparently decided that a European woman in blackface was some sort of high fashion.

The history of blackface is well documented and can be found literally by typing "blackface" into a search engine so it is puzzling, sad, and enraging that someone would do this on such a large scale.

My only question for French Vogue is this: You mean to tell me that out of the entire fashion model industry you could not find a SINGLE black woman to pose in those photos? Couldn't call Tyra Banks out of retirement? Couldn't look Grace Jones up? Couldn't even have a modeling contest and have the prize be the opportunity to be in that issue?

But I'm sure such a high end fashion magazine with a great following could have very easily found a black model for those pictures. So that leaves me thinking that they specifically wanted to have a European woman in blackface instead of finding a black woman. So I suppose the real question is, "How in the world could they have concluded that blackface is anything other than racist?"