Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I suppose I'll have to change my name to No One

Karl Lagerfeld has concluded that no one wants to see round women in the fashion world. I would like to counter that Karl Lagerfeld does not know what the fuck he is talking about.

It wasn't that long ago that we were hoping that the standards of beauty were changing but low and behold we have some who want to maintain the old ways. The old ways of beauty that say that models must be a certain shape or they are not beautiful (and I say it like that because no matter which side of the scale we're talking about no one body shape/style should be presented as the standard). The old ways of beauty that lead people to having body image issues. The old ways of beauty that lead to people take on extreme or even potentially dangerous dieting or exercise routines. Those old ways are firstly not healthy for the people that take them up in order to please other people and also doing a disservice to assume that everyone only appreciates a certain specific body shape.

Now I'm sure there are people that would like to defend him by saying that he is only catering to a certain niche of the industry by only working with thin models. Well I can give you that but such a defense does not explain why he thinks that all models should maintain the the body shape that fits his niche much less the presumption that people only want to look at thin models.

To say that thin women are the only ones that people want to see is fat hatred and undermines people's tastes in women.

Damn shame. I really like my name.

Edit (10-28-09): It would seem that I may not be getting my point across as intended. Renee (under the handle womanistmusings) does a nice job of extracting a more precise explanation of what I was trying to say in the comments. Things like this are what make blogging worth it.


Jim said...

Danny, Karl Lagerfeld is a bizarre shrunken parody of a person. He's the one with that little pathetic fan he carries everywhere to namke some sort of statemnet only he and his remoras understands. He hasn't mattered in the fashion world for 20 years now and his opinion matters less than that.

He is the poster boy for gay designers who have no interest in real women's bodies. That's fine; I don't either, but then i don't go trying to design clothes for them. It's a measure of (some) women's self hatred, or more likely hatred of other women, that ever had any kind of following at all.

womanistmusings said...

To say that thin women are the only ones that people want to see is fat hatred and undermines people's tastes in women.
Right there is where you lost me..People's taste in women? Really? How about it promotes the idea that women are objects that must constantly perform and adhere to patriarchal standards.

Danny said...

That's what the large body paragraph was about. Talking about the standards that women/girls are held to and dangerous "choices" they make.

Please don't try to accuse me that my main and only point of talking about the topic of beauty is the perception of women. Just because I also talk about it doesn't mean that's all I talk about.

womanistmusings said...

I am not accusing you of making that your main topic. I am stating that, that one sentence is problematic

Danny said...

Please explain. I am not trying to say that women must meet my preferences (to be clear I'm not talking about deal breaking requirements) in order to be considered beautiful but I do have preferences and I would very much appreciate it if people would not try to tell me what they are. I'm sure you have preferences in men and I'm willing to bet you won't stand for someone telling you what they should be.

When the fashion and modeling industries try to impose what they define as beauty they are doing two things. First they are seriously harming the models of those industries by pushing the message that if don't fit a certain image they are not beautiful. Secondly they are trying to define beauty for the rest of us as if we cannot come up with our own preferences.

Or perhaps you are simply saying the wording is problematic?

womanistmusings said...

I agree with the larger point I am just saying the wording of that one sentence was problematic. If it had been expanded to include everything you said in your response I would have been in complete agreement.

Danny said...

Ah. I see. I appreciate you taking the time to help me get what I meant to say out of my mind and onto paper (well blog that is).