Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A lesson in Female Anatomy

I just picked up a quick lesson in female anatomy. This made me realize that sometimes its easy to not be mindful of an anatomy that is not yours. I have a good understanding of male anatomy for it is the anatomy that I have but I have no problem saying I don't know female anatomy that well. Just go check it out.


Rachel Cervantes said...

I never liked the designation of female genitalia as a "vagina." A feminist writer years ago (Anne Wilson Shaef?) pointed out that "vulva" refers to the entirety of female genitalia (mons, labia, clitoris and vagina) whereas vagina often reduces women's genitalia to an "empty space waiting to be filled by a penis."

Food for thought.

Danny said...

So the vulva refers to all of the parts? Did not realize that.

So just so I understand you you sound like you are displeased over the notion of calling it a vagina as if that is the only interesting part?

Rachel Cervantes said...

You got it. Women's genitalia consist of far more than the vagina.