Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love it when they don't pay attention

A few weeks ago Nike released an ad for a new line of football padding. The ad is of athlete Adrian Peterson running a play wearing the padding. At the end of the ad Peterson goes into the locker room and his skin starts to look like scales. Now there has been some question as to whether this was meant to exploit black male athletes and treat them like animals.

I myself have on the fence because while the exploitation of the physical performance of black men dates back several hundred years to the slave trade it is also true that companies have been over exaggerating to sell products since lord knows when. So I'm left wondering was this ad meant to portray Peterson as an animal or was this an attempt at Nike to say that their new line of padding is armor that can protect football players on the field.

But nevermind that for now because the real reason behind this post (and its title) is to simply poke fun at people who don't pay attention. Now I don't exactly see eye to eye with factcheckme but she had a discussion on it (you can also see the ad there). I go in and I post:
I’ve been thinking about this ad for the last few weeks and I’ve been trying to conclude (for myself anyway) if its really racism or is it the same over exaggerating that advertisers have been using for ages.

On one hand it is certain that black male athletes have been exploited and treated like race animals over the years but on the other this is an ad for sports padding and it could be Nike simply chose to over exaggerate by pretending that the padding is armor. I’m still on the ropes about that one.

Her response:
well, thats the thing about being a white guy, danny. you DO NOT GET to declare things unoffensive to blacks, or to women.

I know I know I know. The responses were racing through my head:

"You I've had people tell me that I don't act black but at least they know I'm black. To have someone just straight tell me I am not black? That's just presumptive."

"Do you not bother with learning about anyone or just the ones you've decided you don't like because they don't share your extreme and wrong positions?"

"Does this mean that trying not to make assumptions about people is not a part of YOUR feminism?"

"Telling me what my race is so you can speak on my experience and pat yourself on the back. This sounds like silencing."

"Damn I know I don't speak for all of them but I thought that being 2/3 of the demographic of people that are the subject of the post (black,male,athlete) would at least mean that my thoughts would count for something."

"I thought I could say something about this ad but its a good thing a feminist was there to put me in my place."

But in the end I just chose to keep it simple:

Well at least you’re half right…

But don't worry factcheckme you're not the first to tell me what my race is just to back up your biases and prejudices and I doubt you will be the last.

And thanks for bringing up this ad. Didn't see too many people talking about it.

Well it would seem that after about two days I have finally seen just how much of a coward factcheckme is. It would seem that my comment telling her that she is half right has been lost in the Ether of Moderation. So in the end we have a feminist that not just refuses to pay attention to detail after claiming to look over a site but we also have a coward that cannot own up to the fact that she made an assumption about my race for the sake of trying to shut me down with prepackaged arguments. I find it a bit sad that someone that doesn't think she should spend time educating other people can't even make use of knowledge that is handed to her.

I am so glad all feminists don't act like this one.


aych said...

it looks like factcheckme ought to, you know... check her facts. Just maybe.

LOL, really D, I love it when they act this cartoonishly predictable.

Meadester said...

She didn't publish your comment or mine, basically re-iterating what you said. Julian Real never published my comment informing him you're black either. I don't think the problem is that they're not paying attention, but rather that they are LYING! They are conducting a deliberate misinformation campaign and the truth must be suppressed at all costs if it doesn't fit their agenda.

Danny said...

Yeah I just noticed that my comment was lost in the Ether of Moderation after nearly 2 days.

Yes Mead this shows just how weak their arguments are and how cowardly their character is.

Jim said...

Julian Real? That's the same basket case that showed up over at FemCrit to scream and pronounce and pose when they criticized some effort of his. Consider the source!

Danny said...

Yeah and apparently its too much to ask for him and his like to be honest when they are spitting their nonsense. Shame is they are often on to good things but then they go a fuck it up with some silly shit.