Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grahf, Emperor of Darkness waiting in the Room of Angel dancing the Illusionary Dance

It not quite the end of the month but I'm pretty busy next week so this might be my last chance to get in my song title link post. Since its time for Halloween I decided to get a little creepy for this months post. All three tracks are from video games.

Xenogears - Grahf, Emperor of Darkness
You ever play a video game and come across something you probably should not be in the same room with much less fighting? Well Grahf is one of those things. Hell he is called the Emperor of Darkness which by video game standards pretty much means you better come correct. Just to put into focus in the game Xenogears you get to fight in these giant robots called gears (think zords from the Power Rangers). Despite being the size of the average human Grahf can and will take you and your gear out without using his anything but his martial arts skills. And to make matters worse this dude DOES have a gear he can summon. Badass indeed.

Silent Hill 4 - Room of Angel
Sometimes there are things that you should straight not be messing with and this series of games is one of them. The Silent Hill games took the survival horror genre and took it to a level that IMO Resident Evil has yet to reach. It is the one and only series of video games that scare me so badly that I refuse to play them. Oh I'll watch other people play them but to hell with playing them myself. And this particular song is so eerie that I got scared just looking up a video for it (its about midnight here). You can try to question my masculinity all you want (and shame on you if you do) but I will not play those games.

Castlevania - Illusionary Dance (sometimes called Dance of Illusions) Remix
Pop quiz hotshot. You find yourself in a place you should not be in with a being you should probably not be anywhere near. What do you do? You beat that ass to the sound of heavy metal that's what. This is a remix of the battle music used in the intro sequence PSX game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (which is a reenactment of the final battle of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood I think). If you're up for killing the things that go bump in the night it doesn't get much better than this (although I prefer Harmony of Dissonance myself.)

Well there you have it for this month. Don't eat too much candy, don't let your kids eat too much candy, be safe and have fun.